The EL Foundation

EL Foundation NPC believes in education, skills and leadership development. We have a passion for empowering women and children. We have a significant impact on individuals, households and communities in restoring the values, dignity and dreams of women and children, now and in their future.

Many of the EL Foundation NPC empowerment projects and educational programs go back as far as 17 September 2010. EL Foundation was registered as a Non Profit Company in August 2017 with an article 18A certificate. Our passion and motto is to Enhance Lives for a better life and to inspire others to do the same. The smallest act of kindness can cause an endless rip0ple and change lives forever.

The purpose of the EL Foundation NPC is to promote the awareness of needs in families, schools, places of work and communities in South Africa. We also reach out to other countries in Africa. We focus on eliminating all aspects of abuse. In this way we can grow a better society where women and chldren may be empowered and have a sense of well being that can impact the family and a community as a whole.

EL Foundation NPC Community Engagement Projects:

Fund Raiser

EL Foundation NPC Events: We have fundraisers and educational workshops for awareness of abuse and the support we need.

Happy Handbag

Aims to restore dignity and comfort. Comfort handbags for girls and women, going through emotional difficulties.

Toy Making

"Embrace Life Toy Making" - done by senior citizens or the elderly in old age homes for children in possible need of a handmade toy.

Skaftin / Lunch

This is a branded (personalised/corporate branding) nutitional meal for the feeding schemes to those in need and big sporting events.

The EL Foundation

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EL Foundation Banking Details for Corporate Social Investment – Corporate Social Investment Opportunities – Article 18a


Account name: El Foundation NPC

Account No: 62722733335

Branch Code: 253705

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