A Must Read

This book gives hope to many women and children who were abused or are in the process of being abused. It focuses on helping victims of abuse to identify their position, on how to break the silence and speak up. The truth is sometimes hard to deal with but it can set you free.

This book also provides guideline for counsellors to assist tehir clients to start telling their “stories” and to recover. The person can be guided to change from being on the path of a lifelong victim onto a road of self-healing, ultimate recovery and restoration. It can help educators to make assessments and they can use it as a guide to identify the possible problem the victim might have to deal with.

Author - EL Gosling

EL Gosling, B.Ed HONS, THOD is an expert in education, Human capital development and Ministry. She is an inspirational public speaker. EL Gosling is a business woman from South Africa. She is the CEO and Founder member of the EL Foundation NPC and envisions helping more women and children to get out of abusive relationships or situations in order to fulfill their God given gift – LIFE itself. EL is title holder of the prestigious Mrs Africa Classic 2018 which focus on humanitarian influence, and also enable her to appear on international stages.

CO-Author - Prof. John C. Mbuya

Professor Mbuya is an academic, author, corporate banker, risk specialist, strategist, turnaround specialist, women and child activist, HIV/AIDS activist and he is also CEO of the institute of Anticorruption. He holds an MBA and PHD in Business Management, He has written 62 books and supervised 260 master’s students and at present has 10 PhD students that he oversees.

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